Motorcycle Accidents


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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm represents the victims of motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to seek counsel that understand the unique aspects of a motorcycle case. Riding a motorcycle is different than a car or a truck. Apart from a convertible, most car or truck operators are in a enclosed area, whereas a motorcycle rider is completely exposed.


The motorcycle operator is more vulnerable to issues that might not affect a car or a truck. Issues such as wet roads, and potholes can have disastrous effects on a motorcycle rider, whereas these same issues might not lead to more than a bump in the road to the operators of a car or truck. Motorcycle riders are also more vulnerable to other vehicles. One of the main causes of motorcycle accidents are intersection collisions with another driver who simply did not see the motorcyclist. Through no fault of their own, they are less visible to the many less than cautious drivers on our roads.


Motorcycle riders are often the target of road rage. Many members of the general public are unaware that lane splitting is actually legal, and this ignorance of the law leads to incidence of road rage where drivers of cars will intentionally dart out in front of the motorcycle rider legally splitting the lane. They are often viewed as inherently engaging in a dangerous activity. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents, where the motorcycle rider is at fault, occur because of an inexperienced rider, a rider who is speeding, or is under the influence of alcohol. This is an important fact to be aware of in these cases. Riding a motorcycle is not in and of itself dangerous. It is perfectly safe when it is done by a law-abiding experienced rider. This is a point your Attorney should make a habit of pounding home, whether dealing with the insurance company, opposing counsel, or in court.


Another distinguishing and unfortunate fact of motorcycle accident cases is they tend to lead to severe injuries. Serious injury and death can occur due to the nature of the high-speed collision and the lack of enclosed area for the operator of the motorcycle. The need for an effective attorney is crucial in this area of law, since the consequences of the accident are normally so severe.


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