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Truck accidents are a separate category in Personal Injury litigation. There is a perception by the public, and by many attorneys, that truck accidents are just glorified car accidents, just with more weight involved. This is not the case. Your accident attorney needs to be familiar with the uniqueness of truck accident matters, to maximize your recovery. This is not an extensive run-down of the law, for that contact Michael Rehm at (916) 476-9781. Some quick bullet points:


• Truck accidents are governed by Federal Law, not state law. Congress specifically passed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, a Federal statute that puts forth the rules and regulations of the commercial trucking industry.

• The FMCSR regulates not only the operation of the vehicle, but all aspects of the commercial trucking industry and all the different actors that play a part in it. The motor carriers that employ the truck driver have certain legal duties they must comply with, including training, maintenance, and monitoring the truck driver and the commercial truck itself.

• There are certain rules and regulations that focus on the loading of the vehicle, something that is completely non-existent in auto accident cases.
The insurance requirements are different. At a minimum, operators of commercial vehicles must be insured by at least $750, 000. This is the minimum, and depending on whether the truck operates between states (as opposed to within only one state), and what exactly they are transporting (hazardous materials require a higher policy limit), the insurance requirements can reach the millions easily.

• The injuries can be much more severe. Not to trivialize auto accidents, because any accident can lead to major injuries or death, but most truck accident cases will come with severe injuries, which is not necessarily the case with car accident matters.


In summary, truck accident cases are extremely unique. The law deals with much more than just the operation of the truck, it encompasses rules and regulations focused specifically on liability of the motor carrier and even on those who loaded the vehicle. Unfortunately, some aspects are similar, such as the insurance policy limits.


Although $750,000 sounds like a large recovery, these accidents can cause severe injuries where the cost of medical care is far greater than the insurance policy will pay out, this aspect is all too common in car accident cases as well. These cases require an understanding of this distinctive area of law, it affects how the case is investigated, what is requested in discovery, and how the value of the case is determined. These factors will determine whether your recovery was maximized, or whether it was not. To learn more, call Truck Accident Lawyer Michael Rehm at (916) 476-9781 for a free, confidential consultation.